Striped Pig Distillery to Expand in Right to Work South Carolina

RTW-South-Carolina-NILRR (8)

Striped Pig Distillery will soon be expanding in Right to Work North Charleston, South Carolina. In order to do this, the woman and family-owned company is investing $10 million toward the project. They will also create 50 new jobs for the area. So this is great news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Nothing is more important to me than unconditional love and possibility. My children, friends and community family have supported me during the most difficult times to flourish in a challenging male-dominated industry. We are thrilled to expand our manufacturing line here in North Charleston to fulfill the growing regional, national and international demand for our spirits. Proudly, South Carolina is home, but our mission is being felt globally.†[…]

“We celebrate their continued success, ongoing local investment and job creation as a growing, South Carolina-made business.â€


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