Tabet Manufacturing Inc Expands in Right to Work Virginia

Tabet Manufacturing Inc works on creating communication solutions for the military, as well as other industrial customers. They have been a dedicated business in Virginia for around 60 years. So now, they are planning an expansion in Norfolk, Virginia. In order to make this happen, they plan to invest $6.5 million. In addition, they also plan to create 68 new jobs for the area. This shows how Right to Work states encourage business and job growth.

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are excited to make this investment and continue growing our operations in the Hampton Roads area. […] The area is strategically located to serve our customer base and has the necessary infrastructure for us to conduct business in a competitive manner. We have also been able to develop a strong supply chain utilizing vendors throughout Virginia.” […]

“The diversity of Tabet Manufacturing’s growing customer base speaks to the value of its custom, precision-manufactured products. […] The growth and longevity of a 60-year-old Virginia company is a powerful testament to the advantages of doing business in the Commonwealth, and we are proud to support Tabet’s expansion in Norfolk.” […]

A large, well-skilled talent pool and advantageous regulatory environment make Hampton Roads ideal for manufacturers, and we are thrilled to see a homegrown company like Tabet achieve such success.”


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