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How are the tax and other public policies aimed at ensuring New Jersey remains the “quintessential Organized Labor” state working out for ordinary employees and business owners and their families? Not at all well, as even New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-West Deptford Township), a lifelong apologist for compulsory unionism who moonlights as…(Read More)

  Employers’ personnel files hold lots of private information about employees, including their Social Security numbers and those of their next of kin.  If identity thieves gain access to employees’ names along with their personal information, they can use what they’ve stolen to open bank accounts, obtain credit cards, and create false work documents…(Read More)

Union bosses are demonizing one of their own who has dared to disagree with their policies.  Faced with losing billions of dollars at a critical time, union officials, from the AFL_CIO to teacher union officials themselves, all are desperate to keep their forced-dues windfall operating.  Friedrichs v. CTA, a case currently before the Supreme…(Read More)