Taysha Gene Therapies Choose Right to Work North Carolina Location


Taysha Gene Therapies has chosen Durham, North Carolina as the ideal location for their new gene therapy facility. In order to make this come true, they are investing $75 million toward the project. This will go toward preparing a 187,000 square foot facility, as well as creating new jobs. In fact, the company plans to create around 200 new jobs for the area. So not only will they be helping make scientific advancements, but they will also be improving the job market.

From Area Development Magazine:

“North Carolina has a thriving life sciences ecosystem with significant expertise in gene therapy manufacturing, and we are delighted to establish our manufacturing center in Durham.” […]

“The pandemic has highlighted the importance of science and innovation to keep us healthy. […] Companies like Taysha Gene Therapies continue to expand in North Carolina because we have the scientists, skilled workers and climate for innovation they need to tackle health care’s toughest challenges.” […]

“North Carolina continues to lead the way into new frontiers of medicine. […] Taysha Gene Therapies joins the nation’s most vibrant center for the life science industry, and I look forward to seeing their contributions add to the stellar reputation of North Carolina’s Research Triangle region.”


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