The Federal Metal Company Lands in Right to Work Arkansas

Right to Work Arkansas Economic Development

The Federal Metal Company is investing $17.8 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work North Little Rock, Arkansas. As a result, they will also create 40 new jobs in the area. So this is an exciting economic development!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Major investments in new mill, foundry, and refining capacity are underway in the United States for the first time in generations, and it’s important the scrap industry here keeps pace to assure the domestic supply chain is well fed. […] It is wasteful when valuable scrap like these radiators are exported [to support non-U.S. manufacturing]. Companies producing semi-finished copper and aluminum will need to increase the recycled content of their products by using more scrap and less primary metal. The main reasons are clear: it is economically advantageous and environmentally sustainable.†[…]

“The metals industry plays a key role in the vibrancy of the Arkansas economy, accounting for about 13.6 percent of total manufacturing. […] More than 22,000 Arkansans are employed in the industry. I am confident that Federal Metal will find the resources and workforce they need to take this next step in their success story.â€

“We are proud that Federal Metal has selected North Little Rock to build its ‘first of its kind’ recycling facility. […] Revitalizing the Ben E. Keith building is great for the city and the community on Pike Avenue. Reimagining buildings like Federal Metal is doing helps strengthen areas of the city that would otherwise face possible decline.â€


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