Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance HQ Now Open!

Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance’s new headquarters in Right to Work Lexington, Kentucky is now officially open for business! Located at Blue Grass Airport, the company can start making hires soon. In fact, they plan to create 47 new jobs over the next few years. This all comes as a result of the company’s $800,000 investment!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Thoroughbred is excited about our consolidation and expansion at Blue Grass Airport. […] We are grateful for our partnership with Blue Grass Airport and Commerce Lexington, and the positive business environment they foster. We believe the greater amenities, business diversification and access to commercial flights will enhance our customers’ experience and help our business expand.” […]

“Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance is a perfect example of how companies of all types can grow in the commonwealth. […] This company has operated in our state for more than 30 years and continues to grow and create quality job opportunities for our residents. I want to congratulate TAM on this new operation and thank its leaders for their continued commitment to Kentucky and our skilled workforce across multiple communities.” […]

“We are so excited to see the growth of Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance right here in Central Kentucky. […] We enjoyed working with the Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance team on this expansion project and look forward to more great things in the future.”


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