Tides Medical Plans HQ Updates in Right to Work Louisiana

Right to Work Louisiana Economic Update

Tides Medical is expanding it’s headquarters soon in Right to Work Lafayette, Louisiana. In order to accomplish this, the skin graft product company is investing $1.5 million toward the project. They will also be creating 40 new jobs. So this is great news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We believe that Louisiana biotech companies like Tides Medical play an important role in saving limbs and lives through the development and manufacturing of advanced treatments like our Artacent products for chronic wounds. […] As our population ages, we must invest in solutions that will prevent negative outcomes for patients with chronic wounds, including millions that receive no advanced wound care treatment today. We can do that here in Louisiana by creating quality jobs, and funding innovative research and development.†[…]

“Louisiana is proud to have Tides Medical as a part of the state’s vibrant and expanding life science sector. […] My administration is committed to growing and diversifying our economy through industries like biotechnology, and this is another milestone in our work. This expansion will allow Tides Medical to expand its mission to provide safe, effective treatments that improve health outcomes around the country while also creating good-paying jobs in Acadiana.†[…]

“We are thrilled to share the news of Tides Medical’s manufacturing facility and headquarters expansion. […] Since establishing in Lafayette in 2009, Tides has been an innovator in the biotechnology field serving clients across the U.S. I applaud CEO Joe Spell for choosing to grow this company right here at home, and I look forward to seeing Tides Medical continue its growth in Lafayette with 40 new direct jobs in the high-wage, high-demand medical and manufacturing fields.â€


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