Tquila Automation to Create 200 Right to Work Alabama

Right to Work Alabama Economic Update

Tquila Automation is establishing a new location soon in Right to Work Birmingham, Alabama. As a result, they will create 200 new jobs. So this is great economic news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Business leaders are recognizing how future-proofing their operations with artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation can drive better business outcomes. […] By investing in technology careers in the City of Birmingham and the State of Alabama, we’re on the front-line driving innovation in businesses, supporting the demand for new jobs and growing talented team members.†[…]

“Birmingham is nurturing an increasingly dynamic high-tech business ecosystem, so it’s great news to see a company like Tquila Automation setting up an operation in the city. […] This project will not only create high-paying jobs but also reinforce the growth potential of the tech sector in the Birmingham region.â€


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