What Does Fresh Impact Farms’ New Investment Mean For Them?


Fresh Impact Farms is announcing a new investment in Right to Work Arlington County, Virginia, which will total $137,500. So what will this mean for the company? The investment will allow them to more than double their production here, helping positively impact the community.

From Area Development Magazine:

“The support and generosity from the Commonwealth and Arlington County will be valuable as we expand our production and move towards a hybrid model of serving both the needs of restaurants and consumers. As the owner of a local food business, nothing gets me more excited than seeing the community come together in support of local food. The future is bright for urban agriculture. This grant will help us make an even greater impact in our community.” […]

“Agriculture continues to be a key driver of our economic recovery in both rural and urban areas of our Commonwealth. […] Innovative, dynamic businesses like Fresh Impact Farms are demonstrating how exciting new opportunities can grow out of pandemic-related challenges. I congratulate the company on their success and am thrilled to award the first-ever AFID grant to Arlington County to support this expansion.”


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