What is Cypress Creek Renewable Planning Next?

Cypress Creek Renewable is one of the leading producers of solar energy. Now, they are planning to soon expand in Right to Work Anderson County, South Carolina. This expansion will be a multi-step process, and the first step is to invest in a 50-megawatt solar facility. In order to do this, they are investing $68 million toward this project. This will then will allow the new facility to power around 9,100 homes a year. That’s a pretty impressive number! Being a Right to Work state will certainly help this expansion, which will help boost the economy and environment. So this is great news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are thrilled to continue investing in South Carolina with a new 50MW solar facility in Anderson County. This project will add to the low-cost, emission-free electricity available for South Carolinians while also providing new tax revenue and jobs. We are grateful to Anderson County leaders and the state of South Carolina for continued support and collaboration and look forward to growing this partnership in the years ahead.” […]

“When companies like Cypress Creek build on existing investments in South Carolina, it powers the communities and the people who live there. Congratulations to this great company, and we look forward to their continued work in the renewable energy industry.” 


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