What is Iron Ox Planning in Right to Work Texas

Iron Ox is a company that focuses on developing technological advancements for enhanced farming. Now, the company is planning to soon add a new location in Right to Work Lockhart, Texas. In order to do this, they are investing a total of $100 million toward the project. This will allow them to purchase a 1 million square-foot facility on 85 total acres.

From Area Development Magazine:

“To meet the increased demand for nutritious and sustainable produce grown locally, we are committed to scaling our business to serve consumer needs. […] We are excited to explore the possibility of a second facility in the City of Lockhart as part of our long-term strategy and are beyond grateful to the Mayor and the City Council for helping make this a reality.” […]

“Companies like Iron Ox are making a difference in small town local economies in Texas. That’s why I’m so proud to have them as a GO TEXAN partner. […] Iron Ox has chosen to grow with Lockhart. As a result, our Texas agricultural economy will benefit from their expansion. To many, Bar-B-Q helped put Lockhart on the national stage. Now, thanks to Iron Ox, Lockhart can be known as a center for agricultural innovation, and a trend setter in the future of agriculture in both Texas and the nation.”


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