What is KPCT Advanced Chemicals Planning in RTW Arizona?

KPCT Advanced Chemicals is investing $250 million in order to add a new manufacturing facility in Right to Work Casa Grande, Arizona. As a result, this will create 65 new jobs for the area. So this will be an excellent economic development!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Kanto Group is pleased to partner with Chemtrade and to leverage both parties’ strengths to bring new high-quality sulphuric acid capacity to serve the growing North American electronic chemicals market.” […]

“We’re excited to welcome another globally-recognized manufacturing operation to Arizona’s robust semiconductor supply chain. […] Arizona continues to attract the world’s leading semiconductor companies. We thank CEO Lu and the entire team at Kanto and look forward to supporting their success in Arizona for many years to come.” […]

“This joint venture, bringing KPCT Advanced Chemicals to Greater Phoenix, is critical to the market and will strengthen our semiconductor ecosystem by bolstering the local supply chain while allowing uninterrupted service to a burgeoning hub of semiconductor suppliers and fabs in the region. […] We’re excited to see another semiconductor supplier investing in Casa Grande and look forward to partnering in their continued growth and success.”


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