What is Matic Planning in Right to Work Arizona?


Matic is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Phoenix, Arizona. This will serve as the company’s hub for the western US. As a result, this will create 50 new jobs. So that’s good news for the economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“The establishment of our western hub in Phoenix marks a significant milestone for Matic. […] As a nationwide company with customers in 50 states, including 40% located in non-eastern times, we needed to expand our footprint to better serve our customers. We completed a rigorous selection process and ultimately selected Phoenix due to its size and breadth of talent, nearby universities, and startup tech scene.†[…]

“We are thrilled to welcome Matic to Arizona and are grateful they have chosen Phoenix as their western hub. […] Matic’s expansion demonstrates Arizona’s attractiveness as a destination for technology while creating quality jobs for residents. We look forward to seeing Matic establish their new location as part of Arizona’s growing technology ecosystem.†[…]

“Insurtech is a growing and in-demand industry. […] Matic’s decision to scale operations in Greater Phoenix is indicative of the strength of this region and its innovative core, where companies can thrive within a synergetic technology ecosystem. We look forward to partnering with Matic and its continued success in the region.â€


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