What Plans Does MEP Ltd Have in Store for the Economy?


MEP Ltd is a company that specializes in developing plastic and metal products for aerospace companies. Now they are planning to soon establish their first US operation in Right to Work Danville, Virginia. In order to cover the cost, they are investing $6.4 million toward the project. They also plan to create 45 new jobs. So this is great news for Pittsylvania County’s economy and the job market!

From Area Development Magazine:

“The support and guidance we have received from the City, County, and the Commonwealth has been exemplary. […] Together, we can grow our U.S. business, sharing our success with the people of Danville and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Together, we can go beyond, Making Everything Possible.” […]

“The Commonwealth’s unparalleled connection to the global economy is especially attractive to international companies, and Southern Virginia has attracted many of them.” […]

“MEP brings decades of machining experience from its U.K. operations into a region of the U.S. known for legacy workforce training programs and advanced machining technology. […] Making Everything Possible LLC will strengthen the cluster of manufacturing assets that continue to fuel the future growth of the Southern Virginia region.”


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