What Right to Work State is Grenova Inc Expanding In?


Grenova Inc is expanding in Right to Work Richmond, Virginia. In order to do this, they are investing $10.6 million toward the project. This will help them develop and manufacture more biotech supplies as well as create more jobs for the area. In fact, they plan to create 250 new jobs. So this is news worth noting!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We’re proud to make our bold solution possible from our expanded headquarters in Richmond[…]”

“We are thrilled to celebrate this homegrown sustainable biotech firm expanding and adding to its workforce in Richmond. […] It is remarkable to see Virginia’s innovative life sciences businesses quickly adapt and respond to critical needs as we fight this pandemic. Grenova is an emerging industry leader that has achieved exponential growth in a short time, and I applaud the company for leveraging its technology and expertise to address a global shortage and reduce environmental waste.” […]

“This expansion project is an important win that will create 250 new, high-quality jobs and help improve Richmond’s standing as a life sciences hub. […] Grenova is a great success story for the Commonwealth. We are confident the region will continue to provide the business climate and workforce needed for years to come.”


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