What Right to Work State is Kitchen 17 Relocating to?

Kitchen 17 is a vegan food company as well as vegan restaurant. Originally located in Illinois, the company is now relocating to Right to Work Huntington, Indiana. In order to cover the cost, they are investing $1 million toward the project. This new space will serve as their headquarters, a food manufacturing and distribution center, as well as a kitchen, tasting room, farming area, and event area. In addition, the company also plans to create 64 new jobs. So this will be great for the area’s economy.

From Area Development Magazine:

“We grew up in Huntington, our families have been here for generations. […] This is home. We went to big cities for different opportunities and had a great time doing so. When the pandemic hit, not only did we find an opportunity to restructure our lives and our businesses, but at the same time, expansion became necessary, and we couldn’t think of a better place than Huntington. I’ve gotten to fully partner with my sister and my husband, in my hometown, while putting in the first plant-based restaurant here. It’s a very special moment for us.” […]

“[The] decision to locate[ Kitchen 17 ]in Indiana is a testament to our state’s entrepreneur-friendly and pro-growth environment. […] We’re inspired by their creative, strategic and innovative approach to continuing to thrive through the pandemic and excited to see them grow in the Hoosier state.”


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