Where is Babylon Micro-Farms Choosing to Relocate?

Babylon Micro-Farms is a company that is based in Virginia and focuses on creating hydroponic systems for growing fresh produce such as vegetables and herbs. Now, they are planning to soon expand in the state. In order to do this though, they are relocating to a different part of the state. They will be investing $140,000 toward relocating to Richmond, Virginia. This will give them more room for production and help them deliver to international consumers. In addition, this will create about 24 new jobs as well. So this is good news for the economy and the job market!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Richmond is an exciting city with a rapidly expanding start-up and technology scene. […] We hope to attract some of the leading talent to our new headquarters in Scott’s Addition.” […]

“The demand for Babylon Micro-Farms’ engineered indoor farming systems is growing in assisted living facilities, student centers, restaurants, and across the globe. […] This expansion will enhance the company’s development and distribution of its products, and the addition of 24 new jobs is welcome as we work toward economic recovery amid this global health crisis.”


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