Where is East Jordan Plastics Adding a New Location?

East Jordan Plastics is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Lyons, Georgia. This decision was likely influenced by the state’s Right to Work laws, which attract companies from all over. In order to establish this new facility, the company is investing a total of $44 million toward the project. This will also create 80 new jobs. So it’s not just the companies that benefit!

From Area Development Magazine:

“East Jordan Plastics is thrilled to be joining the Lyons community, and we look forward to making this project a huge success for all stakeholders. […] We are grateful to the State of Georgia and Toombs County for their business-friendly and forward-looking leadership providing the opportunity to grow EJP in this strategically significant and beautiful part of the country. We look forward to adding talented, hardworking Toombs County residents to the East Jordan Plastics team in the future.” […]

“Innovative companies like East Jordan Plastics keep waste out of landfills across the country. This exciting project will have a dual impact, keeping plastics out of our waste streams while making a difference in the lives of locally employed Georgians. […] Helping companies invest and grow impactful jobs in rural communities is vital for the long-term health and well-being of the state. Many thanks to East Jordan Plastics for choosing Georgia, and congratulations to Toombs County on making this project a reality.”


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