Where is G&H Wire Company Locating Headquarters?

After much consideration, G&H Wire Company is planning to establish global headquarters in Right to Work Franklin, Indiana. This will give them access to Right to Work benefits while also creating new opportunities for the area. In fact, the company plans to create 154 new jobs within the next few years of their opening. So this is good news for Johnson County!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Global companies like ours have many options when determining where to locate facilities. […] This location decision was critical to continuing G&H’s success. After evaluating multiple options, we chose to relocate and expand a short distance from our existing facility. This decision was made because the city of Franklin and the state of Indiana provide G&H a very competitive business environment, a quality workforce and an excellent location for distribution of our products.” […]

“Indiana has a rich tradition of strength in life sciences, ranking second in the U.S. for these critical exports like pharmaceuticals, medical devices and orthopedics. […] The state continues to provide a vibrant life sciences sector for innovative companies like G&H to not only create a foundation, but plan for and achieve future success.”


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