Where is Ilex Organics Adding a New Location?

Ilex Organics is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Clarksdale, Mississippi. In order to do this, they are investing $2.612 million toward the project. They also plan to create 60 new jobs as well. So this will be an exciting new addition!

From Area Development Magazine:

“When my husband and I moved back to the Mississippi Delta after nearly 30 years away, we found an inclusive community and an abundant opportunity to thrive. With the efficient and tireless work of the Crossroads Economic Partnership and the Mississippi Development Authority working to make Clarksdale the capital of Yaupon tea, we were pleased to discover that Mississippi is open for innovation and business for all people.” […]

“The announcement of Ilex’s new operations in Clarksdale continues the momentum we have experienced throughout the year of companies investing in our communities and creating jobs for Mississippians. While known for the blues, Clarksdale also is home to a dedicated workforce with a commitment to quality. There is no doubt these 60 individuals will work hard to ensure Ilex’s success in Coahoma County.” […]

“We are [glad that Ilex Organics ]chose Clarksdale in which to locate their innovative, forward-thinking company.”


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