Where is Kristi Corporation Locating to Next?


Kristi Corporation is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Suffolk, Virginia! In order to make this possible, the company plans to invest $1.1 million in the project. This will also create 10 new jobs. And that also means great economic benefits. So this is good news for those in the area!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Suffolk’s close proximity to The Port of Virginia and access to major interstates and rail lines will be important assets for Kristi Corporation as it expands its market reach.†[…]

“I am [glad] that Kristi Corporation chose Suffolk to site its new log exporting facility. […] Investments like this provide important forest product markets for landowners and new employment opportunities which continue to support forestry, Virginia’s third-largest industry. I am [happy] that the Commonwealth and the Virginia Department of Forestry were able to partner with the City of Suffolk to support this new venture.†[…]

“Kristi Corporation’s strategic decision to locate its newest operation in Suffolk holds benefits for the company, the economies of Virginia, the City of Suffolk, and The Port of Virginia. […] The port will be Kristi Corp’s international trade gateway. We are ready to collaborate to leverage the world-class efficiency being generated at this 21st century port. We look forward to serving as the company’s link to global markets for many years to come.â€AREA DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE

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