Where is LDG Multifamily Locating New Headquarters?

LDG Multifamily is a company that makes affordable housing options. Now, they are planning to soon locate new headquarters in Right to Work Louisville, Kentucky. In order to make this possible, they are investing a total of $10.75 million toward the project. In addition, this new location will also house 50 new jobs. So this is great news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Our decision to keep our headquarters in Louisville and expand our local workforce reflects our long-term goal of remaining a Louisville-based organization and our belief that leaders in this community are committed to developing innovative solutions to address the need for more affordable housing. […] LDG Multifamily was founded in Louisville, and we are proud of our strong roots within this community. We appreciate the support Governor Beshear, Mayor Fischer and the Commonwealth of Kentucky have provided and look forward to expanding our presence in our hometown.” […]

“This relocation and expansion in Louisville by LDG Multifamily will create dozens of well-paying jobs for Kentucky residents, and I want to thank the company for this commitment to our state. […] LDG is doing great work providing affordable-housing opportunities for those who need it, while also creating quality jobs. Congratulations to the company and the Louisville community on this project.”


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