Where is Loanpal Creating 100 New Jobs?

Loanpal will soon be adding a new location in Right to Work Bentonville, Arkansas! As a result, they also plan to create 100 new jobs! So this is some great news for the area’s economy and the job market!

From Area Development Magazine:

“I am inspired to accelerate the growth of our company in Arkansas[. I] look forward to making meaningful contributions in the Heartland. […] At the heart of our business is a drive to create more mission-driven American jobs that people are proud of […].”

“We love to see tech jobs coming to Arkansas[.] Loanpal’s decision to locate in Northwest Arkansas speaks volumes about the faith they have in our workforce. […] These jobs will go a long way in improving economic conditions and quality of life for the region.” […]

“The positioning of this new location in the heart of Bentonville strengthens our economy by attracting tech talent[. I]t also increases opportunity for local small businesses. […]

“We’re proud to encourage and support moves like this[. It] demonstrate[s] that efforts to showcase this 21st Century Community through events like the NWA Technology Summit are paying dividends. Congratulations to Loanpal and to the team working collaboratively to build the next generation of Bentonville.”


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