Where is Revol Greens Choosing for its New Location?

Revol Greens is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Temple, Texas. This new area will serve as their main manufacturing hub and help them produce more lettuce in greenhouses. This investment will also help them produce lettuce in a more sustainable way that reduces water usage. In addition, they plan to create 150 new jobs here over the next several years. So this is good news for the area’s economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Revol Greens selected Temple for our new facility in order to expand our production and distribution capabilities. […] The Temple greenhouse will produce upwards of 17 million pounds of greens annually upon completion of phase two. Temple’s central location in Texas means our products will reach shelves and tables throughout the southern U.S. efficiently. We’re eager to begin production in Temple and appreciate the work that the Temple EDC has invested over the past eight months to make this project happen.” […]

“We are thrilled to welcome Revol Greens to Temple. […] Revol joins a growing roster of food and beverage companies that choose to base their manufacturing and distribution operations in Temple, Texas.” […]AREA DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE

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