Where is Setco Sales Co Relocating Its Headquarters?

Setco Sales Co is relocating its headquarters to Right to Work Boone County, Kentucky. This will give the company access to Right to Work benefits while also creating new opportunities for workers. In fact, they plan to create 30 new jobs. So this is great news for everyone!

From Area Development Magazine:

“I wanted to express how excited Setco is to partner with the Commonwealth of Kentucky for our new global headquarters. […] This modern and expanded facility will serve as a platform for growth in the North American market and be our worldwide home for Setco’s global operations and management.” […]

“We’re happy to welcome Setco to the commonwealth. This exciting project supports several key industries in our state, while also creating great job opportunities for Kentucky residents. […] Setco also joins a growing list of companies that are finding Kentucky is a welcoming home to set up headquarters. Thank you to the leaders at Setco for this commitment and welcome to the commonwealth.” […]

“We’re happy that Setco will continue to serve its automotive and aerospace industry customers from the Cincinnati region. […] Hebron is an ideal location for new companies, with easy highway access, proximity to CVG and a talented machining employee base. Setco is bringing a good mix of well-paying office and manufacturing career opportunities to Boone County.”


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