Where is Smith & Wesson Inc Choosing to Relocate Headquarters?

Smith & Wesson Brands Inc is relocating headquarters from Massachusetts to Right to Work Maryville, Tennessee. And it’s no surprise as to why – Right to Work states allow for further growth and expansion. In order to make this move possible, the company is investing a total of $125 million toward the project. This will also create 750 new jobs! So that’s some exciting news for Blount County!

From Area Development Magazine:

“The strong support we have received from the State of Tennessee and the entire leadership of Blount County throughout this process, combined with the quality of life, outdoor lifestyle, and low cost of living in the Greater Knoxville area has left no doubt that Tennessee is the ideal location for Smith & Wesson’s new headquarters.” […]

“Tennessee is known by the brands that call our state home, and Smith & Wesson adds an enormous boost to our portfolio. We know that Smith & Wesson could have chosen anywhere in the world to relocate its operations and headquarters, and the fact they chose Tennessee underscores our state’s business-friendly environment and highly skilled workforce. The magnitude of this project will have a lasting impact on our state for years to come. We appreciate the company for its significant investment in East Tennessee.”  […]

“Attracting and retaining good companies with above average wages is something the Blount Partnership and the Tennessee Department of Economic Development actively strive for when recruiting new businesses to the area. Smith & Wesson’s headquarters continue to raise the profile of our community as the best place for business. Welcome to Blount County.”


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