Where Is Turner Industries Adding a New Location?

Turner Industries will soon be adding a new location at the Port of Iberia, Louisiana. The plant will consist of 95 acres and be used to provide turnkey services and solutions. In order to make all of this possible, they will invest $35 million toward the project. So this will provide great opportunities for the economy.

From Area Development Magazine:

“When looking to expand our capabilities and services, Turner Industries considered available properties across the Gulf South and Eastern Seaboard. The flexibility and consistency of the diligent team at the port led to a simple decision. The Port of Iberia is the best strategic option for our company’s future operations.” […]

“Today, we are positioning Louisiana to continue to be a strong oil and gas leader, while also positioning our state for opportunities in emerging fields of energy production. This Port of Iberia […] will help Louisiana expand our leadership in energy, chemicals and other sectors for generations to come.” […]

“This is a tremendous opportunity for the Port of Iberia. […] The fact that Turner Industries chose the Port of Iberia over 29 other coastal ports speaks to how important our port infrastructure is. This will be a tremendous opportunity for all of Acadiana, as we support Turner Industries in securing the most significant industrial construction opportunities of the future.”


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