Where is USAntibiotics Choosing to Locate?

USAntibiotics is planning to establish a new facility soon in Right to Work Bristol, Tennessee. The new location will serve as the company’s manufacturing, research, and development facility. In order to bring this new project to life, the company is investing a total of $16 million. They also plan to create 63 new jobs as well! So this is great news for Sullivan County’s economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“USAntibiotics is focused on what it does best, producing life-saving antibiotics and making them accessible to all Americans. We are proud to have our operations in the state of Tennessee and of the role we play in manufacturing high-quality, made in America products that support health and wellness and that reduce our dependence on vital medications produced outside our country.” […]

“We are proud to support USAntibiotics in its critical mission to manufacture two of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics in the country. Tennessee offers companies around the globe a business-friendly climate and skilled workforce, and we are pleased to welcome USAntibiotics to the state as it sets up new operations in Sullivan County.” […]

“It’s this culture, particularly in our workforce, that was the real difference maker in attracting US Antibiotics. This is a great fit of a company and a community.”


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