Where Will BioGX Choose for Its New Headquarters?


BioGX is adding a new corporate headquarters in Right to Work Shelby County, Alabama in order to increase manufacturing. As a result, they are investing $5 million toward the project. They also plan to create 30 new jobs. So this will be a great addition to the area’s economy and help boost the job market!

From Area Development Magazine:

“While the company has been rapidly expanding its operations and looking for a new facility for over three years, the COVID-19 pandemic demand[s] we scale up our operations at breakneck speed to meet the global demand for our growing portfolio of products.” […]

“BioGX has grown into a leading provider of molecular diagnostics, and its presence will continue to enhance our region’s growth in life science and medical diagnostics. […] We look forward to working with the team at BioGX on future growth opportunities.” […]

“We feel fortunate to have been able to offer them a place to grow over the years. That being said, we’re also [happy] about how this will free up wet lab space in our building, which will hopefully provide opportunities for more companies to follow in BioGX’s footsteps.”


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