Suzuki Motor of America

Where Will Suzuki Motor of America Locate Its Corporate Headquarters?


Suzuki Motor of America is adding a new corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida! This comes as a result of a search for the place that will give them the most benefits. Given that, it makes sense as to why they chose a Right to Work state! The place should be fully operational as early as April of this year, so this is great news!

This new location will also create many new jobs for people in the area. This also just goes to show how Right to Work states attract great businesses and support growth and job development.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Tampa is the heart of the marine business in North America and we look forward to starting our operations here. […] We are confident that Tampa’s collaborative business climate, excellent quality of life and strategic location will help us build a successful company in the United States.” […]

“We’ve worked hard over the last several years to attract more corporate headquarters to the Tampa Bay market. […] Suzuki Marine recognizes that Hillsborough County provides the type of pro-business climate it needs to thrive. We’re confident that over time they will plant deep roots here and be highly successful.”


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