And the 2024 Scholarship Winners are…


The National Institute for Labor Relations Research proudly announces the recipients of its 2024 scholarships, celebrating the academic achievements and promising futures of three exceptional students. 

Maya Gjelhaug of Minnesota, a student at Northwestern University, has been honored with the William B. Ruggles Journalism Scholarship. This prestigious award, named after the renowned Texas journalist, known for coining the term “Right to Work,” is a testament to Maya’s outstanding scholastic record and her perceptive essay on the economic and social implications of compulsory unionism. 

The Applegate-Jackson-Parks Future Teacher Scholarship, commemorating the legacy of three Michigan teachers who valiantly advocated for the right to work without mandatory union membership, has been awarded to two deserving students this year. Laurel Williams of Pennsylvania, attending Duquesne University, and Courtney Starr of Washington, enrolled at Whitworth University, are the distinguished winners. Their commitment to education and the values upheld by the scholarship’s namesakes shine as beacons of hope for the next generation of educators. 

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these scholars for their remarkable accomplishments. It is with immense joy that we acknowledge their dedication and hard work through these esteemed scholarships. As they progress on their educational paths, we trust that these awards will not only serve as recognition of their past achievements but also as inspiration for their future aspirations. 

The National Institute for Labor Relations Research remains steadfast in its mission to foster academic excellence and integrity among future leaders. We eagerly anticipate the contributions these scholars will make to their respective fields, upholding the principles of free choice and individual merit that are central to our organization’s ethos. 


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