MRCOOL Has Hot New Plans For Right to Work South Carolina

Right to Work South Carolina Economic Update

MRCOOL, a heating and air company, is investing $3.1 million in order to establish operations in Right to Work McCormick, South Carolina. As a result, they will also create 17 new jobs. So this will be a great economic addition to the area!

From Area Development Magazine:

“MRCOOL is thrilled to announce the establishment of a franchise operation in McCormick, aimed at providing South Carolina residents with affordable, innovative and energy-efficient HVAC systems. We’re eager to deliver cutting-edge products to our industry HVAC partners and valued customers, ensuring comfort and heating and cooling sustainability through the state.” […]

“South Carolina’s rural communities are a critical part of our state’s economy, and we are pleased MRCOOL selected McCormick County for its first South Carolina operation. This investment and the 17 jobs it creates will provide new opportunities and, ultimately, benefit the region.” […]

“South Carolina Ports looks forward to supporting MRCOOL’s new operation in McCormick County by providing direct access to global markets. SC Ports delivers reliable, highly productive port service to support growing companies in our state.”


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