Asbury: Right-to-Work States’ Policies Validated by Foreign Car Manufacturers

Author Neal Asbury picked up on a CNS commentary by the National Institute for Labor Relations Research Director Stan Greer. The article, Manufacturing Moves to Right to Work States, was one of the pieces of evidence proffered by Asbury in his excellent NewsMAX article quoted in the title.

Asbury wrote:

According to CNS News, “U.S. Commerce Department statistics, adjusted for regional cost-of-living differences according to an index calculated by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, a state government agency, show that in 2015 average annual compensation per right-to-work state manufacturing employee was $76,454. That’s roughly $3,800 higher than the average for states that still lacked Right to Work protections in 2015.”

I want to be very clear that it saddens me to see American car manufacturers lose much of their market share to foreign competitors. On the other hand, the surge in new factories means a surge in our economy and employment for U.S. workers.
Much of this decline in Detroit can be attributed to auto unions like the UAW that erode profitability and innovation with wage demands that make it hard for them to compete around the world. And this has seen UAW union membership decline in Detroit. Although the UAW is boasting about a rise in membership, this new growth is not in auto manufacturing; but in colleges and universities where the UAW is trying to unionize academics.

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