Bonelli Doors + Windows Relocates to Right to Work State


Bonelli Doors + Windows has finally completed its new manufacturing headquarters location in Right to Work Mesa, Arizona. Their headquarters had originally been located elsewhere, but there were too many benefits here to miss out on. The company also plans to create 35 new jobs, so this will be good for the workers in the area as well.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Mesa is a great fit for Bonelli. With its low cost of living, educated workforce, freeway connections to major markets, and international airport, it is an ideal location for our headquarters and operations to be in one building. […] With Cardinal Glass choosing the region for their manufacturing plant, it has created a feedback loop for other suppliers and manufacturers in the door and window industry to locate in Arizona, driving more talent and investment in the region.” […]

“Bonelli Doors + Windows relocation further demonstrates Greater Phoenix’s value position and ability to meet the needs of the sector. […] Mesa continues to attract investment from notable companies and manufacturers, and we’re [happy] to welcome Bonelli Doors + Windows. We look forward to being a partner in the company’s continu[ing] success.”


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