Chalmette Refining is Considering Renewable Option in Louisiana


Chalmette Refining is looking into developing a renewable diesel production facility in Right to Work St. Bernard, Parish, Louisiana. If they’re able to pull it off, the company will then invest $550 million toward the project. This will mean they can make diesel from soybean and corn oil as well as other more environmentally friendly oils. This would be the perfect way to help the economy while also helping out the environment. It also shows how Right to Work states attract businesses that create new opportunities.

From Area Development Magazine:

“PBF Energy is looking for projects that will create stability for our workforce, prepare the refinery for a green energy transition and help us recover from the losses of the last year and a half.” […]

“Renewable diesel comes with a number of benefits: it’s made of renewable resources, it burns clean and it works just like traditional diesel. […] We are proud that our team has worked with Chalmette Refining, Louisiana Economic Development and elected officials over the past year to help bring this project to fruition, to bring investment, jobs and clean energy to St. Bernard and the region.” […]

“Chalmette Refining is an important asset to St. Bernard Parish and a pillar of our community. […] We are grateful our parish’s largest private business employer is eager to continue investing here. This is our chance to show that St. Bernard Parish is not only welcoming to new businesses, but also supports the innovation and growth of existing companies. St. Bernard Parish is one of many locations being considered for this potential project, and our decision can make all the difference.”


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