Dole Packaged Foods Adds New Location in Right to Work Georgia

Dole Packaged Foods is one of the leading producers of packaged fruit, and they also make plenty of other yummy snacks as well. They currently have two frozen fruit facilities, and now they should soon have a total of three. In fact, they plan to have 63,000 square feet dedicated to producing up to 60 million pounds of fruit each year. Now that’s an accomplishment! This new facility will be located in McDonough, Georgia, while the other two are located in Decatur, Michigan, and Atwater, California.

This new one in Georgia will help Dole better reach consumers across the east coast, but that’s not all. Dole’s new location will also require around 100 new employees. So this will provide new job opportunities to those in and around McDonough- another win for this Right to Work state.

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are excited to have this facility open later this month. […] Dole has a strong commitment to bringing our healthy products to as many people as possible and this operation will help us achieve this goal. We look forward to many years of success at this facility.”


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