Speedway Motors Chooses Right to Work West Virginia for New Location

Speedway Motors, which makes and sells auto and racing parts, is ready to add a new distribution center. For this, they have chosen Kearneysville, West Virginia because this Right to Work state holds many benefits. Here, they also plan to create 25 new jobs. So this will be great for the area’s economy and job market.

From Area Development Magazine:

“I personally want to thank all of our new friends in West Virginia. […] You’re absolutely right, Governor, West Virginia is very business-friendly and I’d like to thank you for your kind words, and also to the entire West Virginia Legislature for creating such a business-friendly environment. West Virginia, to us, already feels like home, where – together – we can just get this done. We love your attitude and we’re glad to be in the Mountain State.” […]

“I’m so excited to welcome Speedway Motors to West Virginia and help them serve their global customer base from right here in Almost Heaven. […] West Virginia continues to show the world we are a great place to do business and this innovative, unique, family-owned manufacturing company has found the perfect home.”


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