Ford Motor Company to Create 11,000 Jobs in Right to Work States

Ford Motor Company is investing a whopping $11.4 billion in order to add new locations in Right to Work Kentucky and Tennessee. Altogether, this will create 11,000 new jobs. So this is a big deal!

From Area Development Magazine:

“It is a bold move and reflects the rapid shift to electrification that is occurring in the auto industry. I anticipate other automakers will be announcing their own plans.” […]

“Today is a historic day as we welcome Ford Motor Company and SK Innovation to Tennessee. […] The ripple effect resulting from these projects will be transformational for our state, especially West Tennessee, and we are most grateful for this enormous investment and the addition of two top global brands. To have such a world renowned, American company land as our first tenant at the Memphis Regional Megasite underscores the site’s strength and potential for additional joint venture partners and suppliers.” […]

“We thank Ford Motor Co. and SK Innovation for their investment in Team Kentucky. […] This is the single largest investment in the history of our state, and this project solidifies our leadership role in the future of the automotive manufacturing industry. It will transform our economy, creating a better Kentucky with more opportunities for our families for generations. Our economy is on fire, and now, it’s electric. Never again will we be thought of as a flyover state. Our time is now. Our future is now.” […]

“Overall, Ford says this represents the single biggest manufacturing investment in the American automaker’s 118-year history. Battery plants are expensive to construct. They require, for example, clean rooms and special filters.”


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