General Motors (GM) Plans Right to Work Indiana Expansion

RTW-Indiana-NILRR (3)

General Motors (GM) is expanding soon in Right to Work Marion, Indiana. This will allow them to upgrade its current operations.

From Area Development Magazine:

“While this investment prepares the facility for our All-Electric Future, it’s really an investment in our talented Marion team and will keep the plant working for many years to come. […] This investment is another example of the company bringing everyone along and investing in the people who make manufacturing a competitive advantage for GM.” […]

“We’re incredibly grateful for the long partnership between Indiana and GM and for their contribution to Indiana’s record-breaking year for committed investment in the state. […] Today’s announcement illustrates not just a renewed commitment to the state, but a shared vision for building the economy of the future.” […]

“General Motors’ investment is a reminder of the past and a glimpse of the future. […] Manufacturing in Grant County is strong and so are the people. The future is urging us to be forward thinking and adaptable. GM is entrusting a part of their future to Grant County, and we are grateful. The Grant County Economic Growth Council was happy to orchestrate the local deal by partnering with the city, state and company. We look fondly on GM’s history in Grant County and excitedly anticipate the future of theautomotive industryfor the next 20 years and beyond.”


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