Gutterglove Adds a New Location in Right to Work Tennessee

Gutterglove is making an investment toward a new location in La Vergne, Tennessee. The $5.4 million investment will include building a new manufacturing building, as well as a distribution center. In addition, they will be moving some of their materials and operations from the West Coast to this new location.

And the best part is that this will create 85 new jobs over the next several years. So this will be a great opportunity for those in Rutherford County.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Tennessee’s strength in advanced manufacturing and skilled workforce makes it the perfect location for a company like Gutterglove to expand operations. I’m pleased that Gutterglove chose Rutherford County to grow its manufacturing and distribution operations and thank the company for creating 85 new jobs in La Vergne.” […]

“Our focus at TNECD is to create valuable opportunities for our residents and for businesses looking to locate or expand. We continue to successfully recruit West Coast-based companies choosing to operate in Tennessee, and it is because of our state’s pro-business climate, skilled workforce and exceptional quality of life. Gutterglove is a welcome addition to our manufacturing sector, and we wish them great success in Rutherford County.”


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