How Many Jobs is Alliance RV Creating in Right to Work Indiana?

Alliance Recreational Vehicles (Alliance RV) is a vehicle manufacturer whose main focus is on creating luxury RVs. They’ve seen a lot of growth over the years, so now, they are expanding again in Elkhart, Indiana. This Right to Work state is allowing the company to grow affordably while also encouraging job growth as well. In fact, the company plans to create 650 new jobs over the next two years. Now that will certainly leave a positive impact on the community! In order to make this possible, they are investing $33 million toward this expansion. The expansion will take place and be located on Benchmark Drive.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Alliance RV is proud to be headquartered in the great state of Indiana. […] Our knowledgeable workforce and the hard working drive of our team has allowed us to grow at a rapid pace from inception while delivering exceptional product quality.” […]

“Home to more than 80% of North America’s RV production, Indiana continues to grow its reputation as the RV Capital of the World thanks to companies like Alliance RV. […] Alliance RV has achieved phenomenal success ever since they opened their doors here in 2019, and we look forward to supporting them as they continue providing quality careers for Hoosiers.”


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