How Many Jobs will CIS Global Create in Right to Work AZ?

Most know CIS Global for its technology products, specially made for other IT and data, as well as appliance companies. Now, they are planning to soon expand their headquarters in Right to Work Tucson, Arizona. The expansion will consist of adding 31,730 square feet which will then be leased out. This new expansion will also create 100 new jobs. So this is good news for the area’s economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“CIS Global is a global company focused on the Datacenter, and more broadly, on the IT markets. […] We have been headquartered here in Tucson for over a decade, and now, as we reach another inflection point in our history of growth and success, we have decided to establish our first U.S.-based manufacturing right here in the Old Pueblo. I am sure that Tucson’s caliber in workforce, business assets, and quality of life will ensure the success of our new venture in Tucson. We are proud to grow in our hometown.” […]

“We are excited to welcome manufacturing leader CIS Global to Tucson. […] This project, the company’s first production facility in Arizona, builds on our state’s attractiveness for the data center industry and highlights the strength of Arizona’s robust regional supply chain. We thank the team at CIS Global for choosing to locate in Southern Arizona.” […]

“CIS Global is a world-leading supplier of power distribution units and intelligent network-managed solutions for fast-growth tech sectors. […] Headquarter operations […] create demand for support industries, which in turn attracts other companies. CIS Global’s headquarter expansion will have a ripple effect across the entire economy for years to come.”


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