Ison Furniture Manufacturing Invests in First Right to Work Virginia Location

Ison Furniture Manufacturing has recently decided to invest in its first location in Virginia. So they have chosen Pittsylvania County for this. They plan to soon put a $3.5 million investment toward renovating an old building. The new expansion will also create about 150 new jobs. So this will be really great for the local economy.

From Area Development Magazine:

Ison Furniture Manufacturing, Inc. is excited to become part of the historic Virginia furniture industry. […] Our family-owned business looks forward to helping over 150 employees prosper and take care of their families.” […]

“The economic environment Virginia has built over the years gave us the confidence that our financial investment would be secure. We told the economic development group that we had contracts we had to fill, and the speed moved on this project blew us away. Virginia is ready for business.” […]

“Ison Furniture’s decision to establish its newest furniture production operation in Pittsylvania County is great news for Southern Virginia [. I]t demonstrates the infrastructure and workforce advantages that continue to attract high-quality manufacturers. […] We thank Ison and supplier Dogwood Global for creating valuable job opportunities.” […]

“We are pleased to welcome Ison Furniture Manufacturing and Dogwood Global to Southern Virginia. […] Manufacturing is an important pillar of many communities across our Commonwealth [. It]s key to rebuilding our economy in the wake of the ongoing global pandemic.”


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