Kimberly-Clark Expands Again in Right to Work Mississippi


Kimberly-Clark is a brand that produces diapers and hygiene care products that are commonly used. They have recently announced a $140 million investment, which will soon go toward expanding its facility in Corinth, Mississippi. This is their second expansion here in a year, showing just how successful businesses are in Right to Work states. This expansion will also create 33 new jobs for the area. So this will give people more job options here.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Our highly skilled and engaged employees […] have worked diligently to deliver results for the company, and strengthen our competitive position for the best talent in the region. This major expansion wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of our team, our past employees and the 40-year partnership with our local and state government officials.” […]

“Kimberly-Clark’s decision to expand for a second time in Corinth in just one year is a true testament to public-private partnerships that are [helping meet] companies’ needs so they achieve long-term growth and success in our state. […] Their dedication to building stronger communities through job creation once again pays off for Alcorn County as dozens of new jobs come online for the local workforce through Kimberly-Clark’s expansion.” […]

“Kimberly-Clark’s investment shows their belief in and commitment to Corinth and Alcorn County, and for that we are very grateful. […] This is a major win for Alcorn County. We look forward to building on an already outstanding relationship with Kimberly-Clark to ensure their success for years to come.”


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