OPSWAT Relocates Headquarters to Right to Work Florida

OPSWAT will soon be coming to Tampa, Florida. They’re currently based in San Francisco, California, but after reevaluating the cost and benefits, they are moving to Tampa. As a result of this headquarters relocation, they plan to add 100 new people to their current list of 350 employees. So this will provide new job options for the area. This just goes to show how Right to Work economies are constantly attracting new business and job opportunities.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Relocating our headquarters to Tampa is an incredible milestone that not only signals rapid growth but also our commitment to providing the best-in-class infrastructure protection to our global customers.” […]

“We’re excited to kick off the New Year with such a big win. […] Cybersecurity is one of our strategic growth areas and OPSWAT joins a growing list of cybersecurity companies that are thriving in Tampa due to our low costs, highly-skilled talent, and supportive technology ecosystem.” […]

“We are [glad] OPSWAT [is relocating] its headquarters [here] with the addition of new high-quality jobs for our residents. […] We look forward to a strong partnership with OPSWAT and [support] the company’s growth in Hillsborough County.”


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