Klobuchar Advocates Demise of Right to Work Laws

The California Democratic Party convention drew all 24 Democrat to San Francisco this week. 

While all were invited, only six of the 24 Democrat presidential candidates made a special visit  to a Service Employees International (SEIU) meeting.  Amy Klobuchar stumped the hardest, proclaiming her union pedigree and advocating for GETTING RID OF RIGHT TO WORK LAWS!

Bay City News Service has the story on sfgate.com.

Klobuchar told the story of her family’s union pedigree, saying that her mother was a union teacher who went on strike for better working conditions and her father worked at a newspaper and was a member of its union. 

“We should have the right to organize and get rid of the right to work that is going around this country,” she said, referring to legislation enacted in many states which prohibits being a union member as a condition of employment.