Lockheed Martin to Create More Jobs in Right to Work Alabama

Right to Work Alabama Economic Update

Lockheed Martin will be creating 500 new jobs as a result of expanding their facility in Right to Work Huntsville, Alabama. This expansion will also be covered by an $18 million investment.

From Area Development Magazine:

“The crucial work being done here by our customers, our company, and our industry partners has made Alabama a key 21st-century, high-tech defense and deterrence provider that’s ramping up to ensure our troops will stay ahead of accelerating threats across every domain — land, sea, air, space, and cyber.” […]

“Alabama is proud to support our military and defense sectors, and Lockheed Martin’s presence in our state plays a crucial role in advancing national security, ensuring that our nation remains at the forefront of technological advancement. […] Lockheed Martin’s continued investment in Alabama is a testament to the strength of our workforce and the strategic importance of Huntsville in shaping the future of defense.”


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