NILRR Newsclips 09 01 2011

It's Labor Day, not Union Day

Wilson County News Online, 8/31/2011

The fact is that modern unions are built on the legal
privilege of compulsion.  In 28 states without Right to Work laws, nonunion
employees can be fired for refusing to pay union dues.  Millions more nonunion
workers have no choice but to accept union bargaining over their wages and
working conditions.

Obama NLRB eliminates secret ballot elections making card check forced unionism
a reality, 8/30/2011


This is particular heinous in non-Right to Work states
where employees are forced to pay union dues and fees regardless of the fact
that they did not want the union.  The NLRB’s actions again prove why the
National Right to Work Act needs to be passed.   Then, every American will have
the freedom to withhold his paycheck from union bosses if they choose.


3 NLRB Decisions 'will kill jobs and force business closures,' critics say

The Daily Caller Online, 8/30/2011


The Dana Corp. decision allowed workers the opportunity to
request a secret ballot election within a 45-day window following a “card-check”
organizing effort. Card-check organizing efforts are when union bosses try to
get workers they’re targeting to sign cards indicating they want to have a union



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