Plants Aren’t the Only Thing Growing From This Beanstalk Investment…

Beanstalk is a farming company that specializes in indoor vertical farming capabilities. They are expanding soon in Right to Work Fairfax County, Virginia. In order to make this possible, they plan to invest over $2 million. They also plan to relocate within the area so they can have a larger facility. In addition, they also plan to create 29 new jobs. So this is great news for the area’s economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Virginia takes great pride in being a leader in agriculture and technology. We are [happy] to see Beanstalk growing in the Commonwealth. […] The company will benefit from Fairfax’s County robust tech workforce and the Virginia Jobs Investment Program, which helps ensure businesses have the talent they need to succeed.” […]

“Virginia is a leader in the movement toward sustainable, indoor growing thanks to companies like Beanstalk who keep the Commonwealth on the forefront of emerging agriculture advancements. […] I am thrilled the Commonwealth could partner with Fairfax County through the AFID program to support this expansion and grateful for business owners like Mike and Jack Ross who are committed to agri-technology innovation and providing Virginians with fresh, local produce.” […]

“As a hub for innovation of all kinds, Fairfax County is an ideal location for Beanstalk’s innovative indoor farm facility. […] By utilizing its hydroponic growing technology in a larger space, Beanstalk will be able to produce even more pesticide-free greens year-round. The FCEDA congratulates the company on its expansion plans in Fairfax County.”


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