Where is Jackson Purchase Distillery Expanding?

Jackson Purchase Distillery is expanding soon in Right to Work Fulton County, Kentucky. This expansion will help them make necessary upgrades so they can continue making quality bourbon. In order to cover the cost, they plan to invest $8.76 million toward the project. In addition, they will also create 30 new jobs. So this will be a great addition to the area’s economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are very excited about the opportunity to start producing Kentucky bourbon in Fulton County. […] We have been most fortunate to acquire the distillery and begin upgrading the facility. Support from the distillery industry and Commonwealth of Kentucky has been extremely helpful. We look forward to the start of production and hope to grow the business with a long-term plan in the years ahead.” […]

“With today’s announcement, Kentucky notches yet another win for its signature bourbon industry and for our state’s post-pandemic economy. […] The outset of this development dates many years back, and I am proud that the leaders of Jackson Purchase Distillery are now taking the steps to make this venture a reality. The 30 high-quality jobs the company will create means more opportunity for the families of Fulton County and the surrounding region, adding to the commonwealth’s strong economic momentum.”


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